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What is R2F?

Interest has manifested into something in the lines of a necessary evil in the present socio-economic environment, from banks and other behemoth entities charging exorbitant interest rates to individuals, and corporates (big and small alike) and even governments crumbling under the layers upon layers of interest and eventually throwing in the towel.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

From social exploitation, corruption of necessary investments to creation of monopolists and upsetting the balance of society – the pitfalls of interest just keep stacking. You don’t have to be a finance guru to understand the impact. Just look at society and take note of how the rich keeps getting richer while the poor gets poorer. What do you think is the main driving force behind that?

At R2F, our sole focus is on helping corporate entities move away from their existing interest based systems into sustainable, interest-free alternate banking solutions. On the outset, it might seem as simple as swapping and tweaking a few processes – but the switch runs much deeper and is a complex, technical process that needs to be done just right for the benefits to show and a company to keep running without stalling.

“There is no one-pill for every-ill, but there is one for all financial ills – Islamic Finance”

MIT-Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek
“Be humble, be simple and be a community asset”

Why Riba2Falah?

Stop your bottom line from corroding from within – and move away from interest based financing for good to start reaping the benefits of a moral, ethical and socially responsible mean of managing funds.

Move into alternate and interest free banking solutions as the foundation for your corporate entity and start noticing the difference. Falah literally means blessing, and it doesn’t take too long for the good to show up following the transition.

How we can help:

Having successfully applied the same techniques and processes to convert our own group companies from Riba to Falah, we are fortunate to be in a unique position to help other entities with a long-term vision into applied ethics and sustainability. We consider it a genuine blessing from Almighty to be able to help move people of all faiths and beliefs into socially responsible financial practices that will further grow and enhance society while ensuring that the coming generations have a solid future to build and grow into.

The Riba2Falah Journey in 4 steps


Diagnostic Study + Final Report to identify the problem areas.


Decide on and agree on a plan to implement


Implement the mutually agreed plan to move away from Riba


Follow up sessions to ensure venture is going as planned

On a very high-level, the amount of work and processes can be summarised into 4 basic steps or stages that anyone will be able to comprehend. Once we meet up and come to mutually agreed terms for the process to take place, we kick things off with a diagnostic study that will do a deep-dive into your company or entity that will not just show where in your bottom-line the problems lie but also the likely factors causing it. Once this is done, we are able to identify and recommend customised best approaches into how to arrange Shariah compliant funding for your company with both local and overseas sources – depending on the appetite and mutual agreement with all parties involved in the transactions. 

As these get implemented, we bring to you a concise, 1-to-1 session with MIT himself touching on Succession Planning. A veteran Islamic banking professional with more than three decades of active involvement in the industry and a speaker, mentor and a motivational coach who has been featured on multiple global forums, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. There will also be consecutive follow-up sessions with him to identify and resolve any problems in processes or technicalities that may arise into the conversion. In a sense, it’s a cyclic approach, as we mentioned above the transition goes way beyond a mere flicking of a switch and all the variables concerned need to be addressed in a timely and professional manner for you to get the most out of the entire process.

About R2F

The brainchild of a veteran Islamic banker with more than three decades of international exposure and industry experience – R2F combines wisdom and insight and presents an opportunity to anyone who wishes to completely move away from conventional interest based funding into a more sustainable, ethical and interest-free funding system to grow and flourish with.

MIT-Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek is a Chartered Accountant by profession, and an Islamic banker and ethical entrepreneur by practice. He is a specialist in setting up Islamic banks and financial institutions, a passionate trainer and career coach, an author specializing in Islamic finance and entrepreneurial topics, and a prominent speaker who has addressed global Islamic finance forums.

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