A diversified multi-disciplined group, with specialization in advisory & ethical entrepreneurship.

MIT Global Group

MIT Global Group - Profile

We really mean it when we say we touch on multiple disciplines. Education, media, career development programs, physical and virtual publications, e-commerce and even business process management – those are just some of the industries and fields that we are involved in.

About Us

MIT Global Group - The Core

Our mission is to emerge as a significant player in the Islamic finance industry, both in Asia and the Middle East, with a global mindset, whilst being ‘firm in reaching stakeholders’ targets’ (first) and adding value to the community and country at large.

Our purpose is to touch as many lives with positive change – there are 3.4 billion people worldwide living below the poverty-line. We want to empower them to add value to their families and their societies through Islamic finance solutions.

A journey of excellence

An award winning group of companies since 2006

Our relentless pursuit of perfection in what we do has led to multiple awards and recognition over the few years we have been operational – but more than the awards, what satisfies us is in knowing we are doing the right thing and we are doing it the best.

  • 2017 – Best Islamic Finance Education Provider – Sri Lanka
  • 2017 – Business Personality and Contribution to Islamic Finance Education
  • 2016 – Pioneering Islamic Finance Education Initiative by Global Islamic Finance Awards – Indonesia
  • 2016 – Gold Award Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia
  • 2015 – Best Islamic Finance Education Provider – Sri Lanka
  • 2008 – Meethaq – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • 2006 – Aspiring Leader Award in the Global Islamic Finance Industry

Our Specialities

MIT Global is a UAE based specialised Islamic finance advisory firm that brings in unique practical experience and exposure gained over more than three decades – whilst practically being involved in setting up some of the most prominent Islamic banks in the world from scratch.

MIT Global has managed and advised various investment projects for clients from a Shariah compliant perspective. One of our unique signature products Musharaka Partnership Model (MPM) developed and introduced to our global clients was a remarkable success over the last two years tapping into the opportunities in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

We specialise in Setting up, IWM Advisory, Business Development and Restructuring, Corporate Finance Advisory, Capital Market and Sukuk, and MSME Advisory.

Setting up

  • Islamic Banking Windows
  • Islamic Banking Independent Branches
  • Islamic Banking Independent Subsidiaries
  • Fully fledged Islamic Banks

Business Development and Restructuring

  • New initiatives and feasibility reports
  • Business plans
  • Diagnostic studies
  • Restructuring support
  • Financing support

Capital Markets and

  • Advisory on Sukuk
  • Structuring and Issuance

Corporate Finance

  • Structure corporate finance
  • Riba to Falah – a unique proposition to move away from Riba to success


Be a part of the award-winning Musharaka Partnership Model (MPM) for the MSME.


We can help you grow, protect and pass on your wealth to the next generations to come.

Our Strategic Framework

In addition to our mission and purpose, MIT Global utilises a combination of characteristics that are fine-tuned for growth.

  • An uncompromising commitment to Islamic principles;
  • A highly competent team which blends individual performance, teamwork and leadership;
  • A diversified range of Shari’ah compliant innovative products and services, and;
  • The capacity to originate, develop, arrange and distribute Shari’ah compliant products and services to selected markets in the Asian and MENA regions, while always maintaining a global mindset.

Global Strategic Ties

Strategic alliances play an important part in joining forces to achieve targets that benefit humanity. MIT Global Group uses these alliance to achieve mutual goals with partnering firms to gain entry to new markets, share the risk and cost of major development projects and supplement and improve critical skills.

Born to Lead

It takes decades of leadership experience, success and a laser-focused vision to put together a success-driven group. With Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek, the group has exactly that plus much more. To put MIT’s experience briefly, he is –

  • A Chartered Accountant, by profession,
  • An Islamic Banker and Ethical Entrepreneur, by practice
  • A Specialist in setting-up Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions
  • A Passionate Trainer and Career Coach
  • An Author specializing in Islamic Finance and Entrepreneurial topics
  • A Prominent Speaker at Global Islamic Finance Forums
  • Most importantly, a person striving to be a humble & simple human-being
MIT-Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek
Founder, CEO
MIT Global Group

Global Advisory Board - MIT Global Group

Shariah Guidance and Support

Dr. Mohamed Burhan Arbouna
Renown Shariah Scholar
Sheikh Muhammad Al-Amine M Al-Bashir
Renown Shariah Scholar

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